Does blogging about trending topics help SEO?

If you’re blogging for your business as part of your inbound marketing and social media strategy, you may be asking yourself what, exactly, you should be blogging about. Adding those all-important keywords is one factor, but don’t forget to make your blog posts interesting! One way to encourage your customers to read your blogs is to make sure you’re blogging about trending topics. But, how do you do this whilst also focusing on improving your SEO? Read on to find out more. 

Use trending topics to gain new readers 

It’s hard to get good SEO from trending topics because… they’re trends! Everyone will be talking about them and competing for that page 1 top spot. As a result, your post probably won’t rank highly in searches related directly to that trend. Instead, your goal should be to write posts that are loosely connected to the trending topic. It’s important to make sure it’s written in a way that’s relevant to your industry.

For example; ‘4 marketing strategies we learnt from Stranger Things’ uses a trending pop-culture topic to show strategies and tips relating to content marketing.

Making entertaining or clever content about a trending topic lets you take advantage of your social media network. Creating content that is interesting enough for your social followers to share directly helps your SEO efforts by increasing how much your content is clicked on and viewed. 

Get the most out of your website 

Blog posts that relate to trending topics are a great way to drive social media engagement and shares, too. This can lead to increased traffic to your website. Once you’ve hooked readers with a catchy turtle, you have to keep them engaged with quality content. 

Having a website with easily accessible content will lower your ‘bounce rate’ (the percentage of people that leave your site after landing on an article without viewing any other pages). 

It’s also important to keep your website regularly updated, which will make a big difference when it comes to your website ranking. 

Blog posts that relate to a trending topic are a great way to increase the frequency of your content. Google bots score the ‘freshness’ of a web page from the date they discovered it or the date it was last updated. These bots see a website without any content as ‘out of date’, whereas a new blog post encourages search engines to notice your content and consider it fresher. 

Remember the basics 

Blogging about trending topics only helps your SEO if you remember the basics! Don’t get too carried away worrying about which trending topic you’re going to write about. The main things to remember when blog writing are; 

  • Keywords: This is an important element of blog writing, so instead of simplifying why not read our blog on keyword research by clicking here. 
  • Link Building: Internal links not only help you channel traffic from one page to the other but also help the search bots explore other pages of your website easily. Search engines give a lot of weight to internal links during the ranking process. Once you start publishing blog posts regularly, it will give you more opportunities for internal link building. 
  • Consistency: Create a blog schedule that is realistic and works with your available time. If you have a small team, 1-4 blogs a week would work well if you keep up with it. Larger companies can publish daily, or even multiple times a day. 

Need a hand with your blog writing? 

If you know you need to be writing blogs, but simply don’t know where to start or have the time to dedicate, then we can help. 

The team here at Ame Social can write engaging, industry-related blog posts that can help you climb the Google ranks. Want to know more? Learn about our SEO services, get in touch by calling 01752 746890 or emailing us at

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