Bringing Pelynt Kennels & Cattery’s website & brand identity into the new age

Pelynt Kennels & Cattery have a lucrative business within Cornwall and wanted their branding to represent who they are and what they stand for. They wanted to remove the stigma of being a ‘kennel’ to showcase their more fun-loving and playful attitude.

Supplying Pelynt Kennels & Cattery with a refreshed brand identity has given their company a friendly, warm aesthetic online. Exactly the place where clients can feel comfortable leaving their loved ones in the care of somebody else.

Read on to find out how we helped Pelynt Kennels & Cattery do all of this, and more!

The Brief

Pelynt Kennels & Cattery wanted to bring their brand and company into a new age. They’re well trusted and spoken highly in their community with plenty of returning customers. However, they felt embarrassed to redirect new customers and leads to their current website.

Having an outdated logo and website can have a large impact when trying to gain trust from a potential customer. As the nature of this company requires the customer to feel comfortable with whom they’re leaving their pets to their website & branding needed to have a warm & caring aesthetic.

Pelynt Kennels & Cattery

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The Process

We first looked into what their competitors are doing within their area along with branding for kennels which had a soft tone of voice. As they wanted to focus on removing the ‘I’m putting my pet in a kennel/cattery’ stigma, getting the tone for the brand was vital.

The functionality for their website revolved mainly around showcasing their services. Highlighting the location and the facilities which the animals have to play & explore was key to building that trust with them and their potential customers. We organised our photographer to go down to Pelynt for us to utilise new & updated images for their website.

Making sure the logo was recognisable as a kennel/cattery, we combined a paw print with a cut out door. The brand colours followed their navy blue uniform in which we generated a colour palette that complimented the primary blue.

Upon taking the project, we were asked if we could help with uniform printing. We straight-away got onto the phones, sent across the logo’s and had a quick turn-around so they could get their uniforms printed & ready in time for the photoshoot.

The Results

Finalising the branding, we created a brand board which depicted their brand guidelines. This included their logo, colour palette, typography and real life applications for their logo via mockups. Finishing off the board with an image of their newly designed website.

They also now have a great supply of professionally taken images which they can showcase on their social media and to new clients. Which means their branding, their website, new images all tie together to emphasise their company how they had envisioned.

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