Expanding the Online Reach of Rosewood Garden Maintenance 

Rosewood Garden Maintenance is a family-run garden maintenance company. They offer a comprehensive range of services to domestic and commercial clients in Surrey. They came on board with us to expand their online presence and reach out to more potential customers. 

Rosewood already had some exposure online in the form of a basic website and a presence on various online directories. However, these were proving expensive with very little return and a lack of analytical data to show what was working and what wasn’t. 

The Brief

To strengthen Rosewood’s brand image through tailored social media graphics and a brand new website with an improved user experience. 

To expose Rosewood to a new client base and attract a bigger domestic following. They also wanted to break into the commercial market by offering contractual services to certain industries.

Rosewood Garden Maintenance

The Process

Social media: The first step was to design some engaging social graphics that captured the friendly, approachable feel of the business. Through the use of colourful, punchy and informative posts we were able to strengthen Rosewood’s social media presence on all platforms. 

Website update: Next, we tackled their outdated website. We redesigned and restructured their current site to provide a more comprehensive look at what Rosewood has to offer. 

In keeping with the overall feel of the brand, their new website encompasses who Rosewood Garden are as a brand, whilst also making it clear what services that can offer, and who they offer them to. 

It was also important that we could  integrate seamlessly with a number of inventory management systems such as ‘Jobber’ to streamline Rosewood’s internal admin needs. 

To get Rosewood in front of potential domestic and commercial clients, we outlined an ongoing SEO strategy to get them ranking for target keywords. We did this through regular blog writing and tweaks to their website where needed. 

Email Marketing: Alongside social media and web design, Rosewood’s mailing list was utilised to promote their services and company news via email campaigns sent every two weeks. These campaigns encouraged customers to interact with their social pages and read their blog posts. 


The Results

As a result of our ongoing relationship with Rosewood, they have now achieved their goal of breaking into the commercial market. They have a stronger, more consistent social media presence that keeps their followers engaged, and a professionally designed website that showcases who they are and what they can do. 


Social media statistics (last 90 days) 

Social media reach: 4,539

Engagement: 563


SEO results  

2,850 Total SEO/ organic traffic has been generated throughout the Shepperton area. 

Website bonce rate remains less than industry standards, which is 42%

Overall 1,310 new visitors converted to the site.


Keyword ranking

Garden Maintenance – Ranking 1st page on Google Surrey

Home Garden Maintenance – Ranking 1st page on Google Surrey

Weeding & Path Clearing Services – Ranking 1st page on Google Surrey


Mailchimp Statistics (past 2 months) 

Opens: 449

Link Clicks: 59

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