Ryan’s Restoration Case Study


Family-owned, Ryan’s Restoration has been a well-established business since the 1980s. They specialise in dust-free wooden floor sanding, restoration and fitting and offer their services throughout the South West. 

Their main intentions behind coming on board with us were to generate leads and rank Ryan’s website organically as there are a plethora of competitors running towards the same goal. 

Read on to find out how we helped Ryan’s Restoration achieve all of this and more! 

The Brief

Ryan’s Restoration wanted a healthy, SEO-friendly website that was fully optimised to help them reach their target audience. 

They also wanted a platform for lead generation, to gain potential new leads and enquiries for their pipeline. 

Ryan’s Restoration Case Study (Advertising)

The Process

  • The first step was to perform an extensive analysis of their business and competitors. 
  • We then devised a keyword strategy to kickstart their SEO efforts. 
  • We made improvements to their website, improving the customer journey and user experience. 
  • We provide 4 engaging blogs per month, with different themes based on our high-performance keywords. 
  • We expanded their contact form to get more prospect information, and as a result- better quality leads. 
  • Optimised their Google Adwords account and performed in-depth analysis.
  • Implemented paid search campaigns based on our research.
  • Monitored the performance of all campaigns, keyword activity, search terms and search engine rankings on a weekly basis and made the necessary changes to ensure continued growth. 


The Results

The results really speak for themselves with Ryan’s Restoration! Within 6 months, we’ve dominated Page 1 of Google organically for all of the major search terms. We’ve also ranked pages 1 & 2 for all related floor sanding and restoration keywords in our strategy.

SEO results from 1st January- 22nd July 2022

Number of visitors: 10,540

Number of new visitors: 9,292

Average time spent: 2 minutes 35 seconds 

Bounce Rate: 41% 

Number of SEO leads: 364  


PPC/ Google Ads results – 1st January – 22nd July 2022

Ryan’s KPIs were 7k visitors, 

£38 cost per lead (CPL)

250 leads from contact form submissions. 

???? from telephone enquiries generated from website traffic


This is what we’ve delivered to date;

Visitors: 7.4k ( 11.5% increase) 

Cost per lead: £32 (£6 less per expectation) 

Leads: 306 contact for submissions (23% increase)

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