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Lead Generation - Case study

Lead Generation case study – The Trades College is a nationwide company that provides NVQ certified training in the Trades. You can train to be anything from Renewable Energy Engineer right through to being a fully qualified Welder. Our challenge is to provide them with people of all ages and experience who are interested in taking up the course. For some this means a complete change of career, possibly to earn more money or the dream of becoming self-employed, for other its to get certified at the higher NVQ level 3 so that they can step up in their existing career.

01. The project was born…

Lead Generation

The first step, fully understanding the business and its audience. Building a new brand and website as a base for providing information about the courses and generating new leads for the business.

02. Digital Strategy - Social Media

Social Media

We Started with Facebook as it has users across all ages with a very wide demographic that can be targeted for a tailored budget spend compared to other channels, a big push here gets us off to a great start implementing lots of great social content, videos posts and targeted advertising about the individual courses.

Facebook paid advertising can get you out in front of thousands of people immediately, with the right budget, as long as your message and content is correct it can be very successful. Click Here to learn more

02. Digital Strategy- Google Paid Search

Google Paid Ads

For the PPC element of the plan, it takes a little longer to get off the ground but once it’s going its really worth the effort. With a website built with quality content to line up with our ads and includes all the features and information necessary for a potential client to have a good experience once clicking on the ad.

Our PPC expert will employ multiple test and learn adverts on google to understand what works and best use of budget. We determine which route is the most effective, once we establish the correct message to the public it all about tweaking the website and adding content over time to suit the searches being made.

04. Digital Strategy - SEO

Haidezign Clients

The longer game plan part of our strategy, which results in long term quality results. SEO can take some time to take effect and takes a lot of man-hours to implement correctly.

Once we were up and running with the landing page our SEO expert went to work, expanding the site, adding valuable content through a keyword strategy, backlinks, improving our session time (how long someone stays on the site) by assessing bounce points and user journey. Ultimately raising our rankings on search engines such as Google.

This in turn reduces spend on PPC through a blended search strategy and ensures a quality experience for the users.










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