Our Guide to Twitter Marketing

With so many social media platforms out there, it can be hard to figure out where to focus your marketing efforts. With Twitter playing host to over 465.1 million users, it could be a crucial place to market your business. It would be impossible to summarise how to undertake Twitter marketing in less than 280 characters, so let’s dive a little deeper… 

Why is Twitter worth using? 

With more than 465.1 million active daily users, Twitter should be a part of your marketing strategy. It’s the fifth most popular social media network, and it’s a gold mine for customer insights and opportunities to build your brand. 

But with 500 million tweets sent every day, you need to be strategic in order to win (and keep) your audience’s attention.

Audit your Twitter profile

 If you already have a Twitter profile, the first thing to do is to run a Twitter audit.

Make notes on what’s working and what isn’t working on your Twitter profile by doing an in-depth review of your Twitter analytics. Twitter analytics tools help by allowing you to:

  • Analyse hashtag performance
  • Analyse individual Tweet performance
  • Analyse your individual Twitter audience

Finding out which Tweets are performing the best will give you an idea of the type of content that your audience is most interested in seeing. You can use this information to create a strategy that maximizes the reach and engagement you get on your Tweets and give your audience what they’re looking for in your content. 

One way to audit your Twitter profile is to look over your analytics manually. Do this by logging into your Twitter profile, navigating to your Twitter Analytics dashboard, selecting the “Tweets” tab and exporting your data for a specific date range.

Find your Twitter voice 

Audiences on Twitter are looking for brands that Tweet authentically and stay true to their voice. It can be easy to jump on the latest trends to appeal to as many people as possible but don’t do this at the expense of losing what your brand is. 

Whilst your Twitter presence can be more playful or casual than LinkedIn or Facebook, it should still be authentic and consistent with your brand voice overall.

Use Twitter hashtags and trends 

Tweets with hashtags are likely to get 33% more engagement than tweets without. This is a great statistic, but it doesn’t mean that you should overfill your tweets with every hashtag that’s trending that day. 

Hashtags are a great way to expose your brand to a new audience, who might be interested in what you’re saying. Some brands harness this by creating hashtags for a specific campaign, encouraging their audience to share or tweet using that hashtag for better exposure. 

Make the most of Twitter ads 

Using paid ads on Twitter is a great way to reach your audience in a more direct way than waiting for organic reach to take effect. 

Twitter ads also allow people to find your profile, even if they don’t follow your brand or hashtags. When you create a Twitter ad, your tweets show up on people’s timelines who share an interest with your audience. Users can interact with an ad the same way as a generic post, the only difference is that promoted tweets are marked so that users now it’s a paid ad. 

Engage with your followers 

Twitter is all about creating a two-way channel of communication with your audience. It’s important to create content that encourages your audience to engage. You also need to make sure that you’re engaging with people who are tweeting about your brand. For example, if someone mentions you, or responds to a tweet, make sure someone in the business is responsible for responding to their message in good time. 

Make the most of images for higher engagement 

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is especially useful on Twitter, where you only have 280 characters to work with.

Images and GIFs can help you communicate more with each tweet. Back up an informative tweet with a chart or infographic, or reinforce a motivational message with an eye-catching photo. 

Adding images and videos not only looks more interesting but actually boosts engagement. Tweets with images get up to 3 times as much engagement, while tweets with videos get up to 10 times more engagement.  

GIFs provide another addition to your tweets, and can see up to a 55% increase in engagement. You can add them directly to your tweets through Twitter’s GIF library. 

Tip: Make sure your videos are optimized for mobile, as Twitter reports that 93% of video viewers are watching on a handheld device.

Are you ready to take on Twitter marketing? 

Of course, your specific Twitter marketing strategy will depend on your personal business offering and goals, but if you follow the above steps, you’ll be off to a flying start! 

We understand that some businesses simply don’t have the time to dedicate to their social media, so this is why we offer social media management as part of our SEO packages here at Ame. Interested? Give us a call on 01752 746890 or email us at ash@electrondigital.co.uk.

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